About Us


A Unique Shopping Experience

Mary wants each customer to have a shopping experience.  While shopping in the virtual world has become convenient, you lose the great customer service that people once expected in small towns - where you are known by name and valued.  Being able to show you how to interweave the old west cowhides with new west accessories,  combine florals with rustic cabins, ensuring a strong harmony of masculine undercurrents and feminine colors is part of the charm that Mary can show you after just a few questions about what you need. 


This shop is more than decor!  With a large selection of delicious hand made chocolates from a variety of high quality candy makers, you're sure to find a special treat for a friend or a pick me up during a long afternoon.  Gifts come to mind when you think about Mary's store, she will listen to your needs and find that special unique present for showers, weddings, birthdays, special occasions or something just for you.  Perhaps a cozy pair of pajamas or a perfect piece of pottery will be just the thing!


When people walk into the store they often say - I came in because it smells amazing!  Carrying a line of products aimed at creating a cozy environment in your home is the goal Mary wants to achieve.  From candles, bath products,  hand sanitizers, men and women's fragrances, lotions and even laundry detergents and surface cleaners - your home will sparkle and smell amazing when you use our products. 

About Mary

Mary Wolf has found her home in Livingston, Montana. With 24 years as an interior designer she brings her taste, talent and keen sense of place to her lovely shop.  She envisioned a friendly, warm space where she could use her expertise to help customers find exactly what they need for their homes and their lives. From the moment you encounter the wonderful smell of leather, chocolate and luxurious candles, when you enter the shop - you know you want to take home a piece of Mary's vision. With a friendly laugh and warm heart come say hello to Mary!